Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NATSHIELD-produk terbaru untuk mencegah H1N1-

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We are very happy to announce our new product;
NatShield Sanitizer

Scientifically tested and proven to kill flu viruses (including A-H1N1), fungi, spores and bacteria.

NatShield kill the Influenza A and H1N1 viruses?

A Biosafety Level 4 Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) Laboratory (
W.H.O Recognized Laboratory), Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia tests have shown that NatShield, when used according to label instructions, are effective against Influenza A Type H1N1 virus.

NatShield is HALAL
All ingredients used for the products are natural and plant based extracts.
No animal sources and no alcohol added to the formulation or used during the manufacturing process.

is safe to be used externally & internally.

NatShield is safe to be consumed by human.

NatShield can be sprayed directly into the throat and nasal path.

NatShield is safe for child and pregnant woman.

NatShield Global Distribution Opportunities.

We are looking for :-

  • Experience in distributing a similar products.
  • Demonstrate appropriate financial responsibility.
  • Have robust operational standards.
  • Have rigorous compliance systems.
  • Demonstrate corporate and compliance history.
  • Expertise, know-how and track record in your respective countries or territories.

For Enquiries, please contact :-

Authorized Distributor of NatShield

Shahira Trading Sdn Bhd


5075, Jalan Sungai Merab, Pinggiran Putrajaya,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Email :
Email :

Mobile 1 : 61034664232 (ridwan zaini )
Mobile 2 :60193378767 (sharmi dzhari)

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